Offensive Hardware Hacking Training + Exam Voucher [SELF-PACED]


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For a limited time, it will be also included NANDOboard +
BurtleinaBoard + PIZZAbite bare PCBs!!!

A NDA will have to be signed before starting the class (you can’t access the training material without it*). Here the document sample that must be signed and sent to  training[at] .
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Are you a Student ≤ 25 years old? 
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✅ This is a self-paced training. You will get all you need delivered at home and you will be able to study it at your own pace and whenever you want without time. ❤ 



  • Go from Zero to Hardware Hacking Hero while Building Your Own Hacking Lab! (You will receive a Printed Workbook of 200 pages, a cool Hardware Hacking Kit worth 300EUR [including the LIMITED EDITION of BRUSCHETTABOARD!], Videos Recordings of the Training about both Theory and Practice, 350 Slides of the course and much more!)
  • A full hands-on workshop with more than 40 Practical Lab Exercises!
  • Hours of recorded Videos Walkthrough and Lessons
  • Course Slides covering multiple topics (eMMC, NAND, UART, I2C, JTAG, SPI, SWD, Fault Injection Attacks, Electronics, PCB Reverse Engineering, Exotic Exploitation TTPs, etc.)
  • Get your hands on the WHID’s Challenge Coin* and certification* that will grant you the title of Certified Hardware Hacker (*once passed the exam).
ABOUT CH2: Certified Hardware Hacker
  • One Free Exam Attempt Included (valid for 1 year from the day of the order)
  • Not Expiring Certification
  • No Renewal Fees
  • 45/60 Minutes Video Call Exam (about training material, exercises & homework)
  • This course is aimed at students who have some experience with AppSec, Linux OS & Pentesting, but want to learn more about Electronics, (De)Soldering components, Reversing Circuits, Attacking Embedded & IoT Devices, etc.
  • If you are comfortable using a Linux Shell and know how to use a screwdriver, you should have the background knowledge required for this course.
  • Within the training, there is a dedicated part about Electronics 101 and Practical Soldering exercises!
  • Jump into the marvelous world of Hardware Hacking and get ready for your first professional IoT and Embedded security audits, researches or 0days bughunts.
  • Very Technically-Oriented Hands-on Exercises (because getting your hands dirty with real stuff, is better than just reading a book)
  • Learn a variety of tricks & TTPs that will make your life easier during a security audit against IoT/Embedded devices.
  • Learn the basics behind: Electronics, MIPS/ARM Architectures Emulation, Reverse Engineering PCBs, dumping eMMC/NAND/NOR memories, how to hunt & use: BootStrap Pins & Debugging Protocols, etc.
  • Learn how to properly design and threat model a Secure IoT product.

 * In case of failure in delivering the signed NDA and proof of identity, there will be delays in the shipping or a refund of the amount paid, deducted of the Stripe's transaction fees.