Exam Voucher - Certified Hardware Hacker - CH2


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This Exam Voucher has to be purchased in the remote case you did not pass the first free attempt included in the Hardware Hacking Training package OR if you are confident enough to attemp the examination process without attending the training.

It includes:
- 1h online exam session with the examiner
- Wooden frame with the authentic copy of the CH2 certification*
- Shipping costs for wooden frame and Challenge Coin*


A] How is structured the Exam?

  • 45 min video call with the examiner
  • 5 Questions about Theory (UART, JTAG, SWD, SPI, I2C, NAND, Basics of Electronics, OWASP IoT  Top10, ISVS, etc.)
  • 5 Questions about Practice (e.g. Hardware Security Testing Workflow, eventual CVEs or Blogpost or Projects you worked on, aibility to assemble and flash Burtleina-Board, etc.)
  • Each question is 5 points. For a total of 50 points.
  • Passing Score 35 points

B] What about the Certification?

  • No Certificate Expiration
  • No Renewal Fees
  • Unique Certificate & Challenge Coin number per Certified Hardware Hacker

*Upon successfully passing the exam.

Other Payments accepted: Wire Transfer, PayPal, etc. 
Please contact training[at]whid.ninja before placing the order in case you need a formal invoice.

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