Embedded Hardware Forensics Training [LIVE EDITION]


This training is a 4/5 days live session on-premise at the attendees' corporate location. Please contact training[at]whid.ninja before placing the order to check available dates. 

The Embedded Hardware Forensics Training is a 4/5 days hands-on course in live, designed to fulfill the technological gap that in the recent years emerged within the DFIR scene in respect of IIoT field. In it, students will be able to gather the needed theoretical knowledge and practical skills to engage with confidence forensics investigations involving embedded hardware & the recent IIoT devices, that started to flood both consumer and corporate markets. The course is structured to be accessible to both junior and senior security personnel: it goes from a generic panoramic of the theory behind electronics, protocols, memories, microprocessors & tools-of-the-trade; then proceeds deeper into the subject by reviewing various TTPs (Techniques, Tactics and Procedures) that come handy during an incident response or investigation. Moreover, the students' workbook contains more than 40 practical exercises involving real hardware devices and will allow each student to physically work on them during the training.

This course is an unique opportunity to enhance the skills of DFIR professionals that are going to be involved in investigations involving unusual devices: IoT appliances, hardware implants, ATM skimmers, smart devices, Industrial IoT gateways/sensors, etc.

What students will receive during the training:
  • Dedicated IoT/Embedded Hardware devices for practical Forensics hands-on (available only on-site)
  • Hardware Tools for hands-on: Multimeter, SOC-8/16 sockets clips, SPI Flash chips, Logic Analyzer, Micro Probes, multi-protocol JTAG/UART/SPI/I2C detector and analyzer, etc. (available only on-site)
  • Training material (to bring home after the class) :
  1. Slides, Scripts, Tools, etc.
  2. A NANDo-Board DIY Kit (A multi-purpose programmer and memory dumper)
  3. A paper workbook with more than 40 walkthrough exercises and valuable tips
  4. A 32GB USB 3.0 flashdrive with NdujaOS: A Live distro Fully Customized for HW Forensics Investigations
  5. A Challenge Coin (with an unique serial number for each student) to show with pride you attended this course!
  6. A free voucher to attempt the exam for the CEHFE (Certified Embedded Hardware Forensics Expert) certification

What to expect from the training:
  • Getting used to the marvelous world of Hardware Hacking and be ready to jump into your first professional IoT Forensics Investigations.
  • Very Technically-Oriented Hands-on Labs: because getting your hands dirty with real stuff, is better than just read a book!
  • Learning a variety of tricks that will make your life easier during an Incident Response and/or Forensics case against (I)IoT devices.
  • Learn the basics behind: Electronics, MIPS/ARM Architectures Emulation, Reverse Engineering PCBs, etc.
  • Learning how to properly design and threat model a secure IoT Product
  • A full hands-on workshop with more than 40 Practical Lab Exercises!
  • From Zero to Hardware Forensics Hero
  • An unique opportunity to learn the secrets of Hardware Forensics
  • Boost your Hardware Hacking skills (and learn how to apply them during an incident response)
  • Many real target boards to analyze in live for each attendee during the training!
  • Have fun and enjoy the mini CTF during last day of the class (time permitting).
Basic price is 3133,7€/student (Min. 5 / Max. 20 people). An extra discount can be negotiated depending on the number of attendees.

Other Payments accepted: Wire Transfer, PayPal, etc. Please contact training[at]whid.ninja before placing the order.

A NDA will have to be signed before starting the class (you can’t do the class if you don’t sign it). Here the document sample that must be signed and sent to above email.