PIZZAbite & BRUSCHETTA-board: The Hardware Hackers tools you need to kickstart your own Lab!



BRUSCHETTA-board is the latest device of the so-called CyberBakery family. It all started in 2019 from a personal need. The idea was to have a board that could gather in one single solution mutliple tools used by hardware hackers to interact with IoT and Embedded target devices (a.k.a. DUT - Device Under Test).

It is the natural evolution of the other boards included in the CyberBakery family:

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BRUSCHETTA -Board has been designed for any hardware hacker out there that is looking for a fairly-priced all-in-one debugger & programmer that supports: UART, JTAG, I2C & SPI protocols and allows to interact with different targets' voltages (i.e., 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5 Volts!). 

It has 4 Operating Modes, however the ones that you will need most are Mode 2 (UART1+I2C+SPI-VCP) and Mode 4 (UART1+JTAG). To switch between them you have to set use the DPI-switch S1 & S2:

operating modespng

A nice feature of BRUSCHETTA-board that makes it perfect for Hardware Hackers is the fact it mounts Level Shifters.
level shifterspng

No matter if you have to use it for UART, JTAG, SPI or I2C... if your target is working at 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V... BRUSCHETTA-board is here to help you! You just need to move the Level Shifter Jumper to the target's voltage BEFORE connecting it to the device and the PC.


It is a cheaper and open-hardware version of the blasoned Sensepeek's PCBite, perfect for holding your PCB while soldering or inspection.


The PIZZAbite PCB probes are mounted on flexible metal arm and a powerful magnet in the base for easy positioning. The one of the kind "lift and drop" function takes away the need for annoying and complicated set screws. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the arms connected to the PIZZAbite PCBs, the compressible needle (a.k.a. PogoPin) maintain constant pressure at the probing point so even if the board is bumped into the probe tip will always stay in position.

What you need to build your own PIZZAbite:

  • The PCBite probes PCBs:

  • Pogo Pings:


The PIZZAbite PCBs be easily printed on JLCPCB:

I tried 3 types of thicknesses... 1mm (white), 1.2mm (red) and 1.6mm (green). All of them works fine and even the 1mm thick version is robust! Just upload the file on JLCPCB and you are almost done ordering it.


Since someone may want to tweak PIZZAbite size... Below you can find the KiCAD PCB design file. You are welcome!

Screenshot 2023-09-23 225611png


For more information about BRUSCHETTA-board and PIZZAbite... visit OR their Github repos:


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